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About Us

Lowcountry Unfiltered (LCU) is an informal group of guys who enjoy seeing what South Carolina has to offer.  The group takes regular monthly excursions, usually the second Saturday of each month.  The trips combine hiking, paddling, photography, and history, both natural and unnatural.  These treks are less about getting from point A to point B, than about seeing what there is along the way.

Even though the group originated in the low country of South Carolina, its membership ranges from across the state, including as far away as Greenville, Columbia, Florence, and even Georgia and Florida.  The group's travels have taken them from the swamps of the lowcountry to upstate rivers, from haunted light houses to abandoned airfields in Georgia. If it's unique, has interesting history, or has beautiful scenery, it might be a target for an excursion.

To learn more, contact us at lcu@lowcountryunfiltered.com.